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What are the types of watches? Do you know all these types?

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1. Mechanical watch. .Mechanical watch can be mainly divided into two types: manual and automatic:

Manually, we need to turn the gear ourselves and then shift the watch;

If it is automatic, it means that we can automatically shift gears when we usually walk, which is very convenient and does not need to worry about it.

The working principle of this watch is based on the principle of mechanical vibration.

2. Electronic watch. This kind of watch uses electronic components to drive electrical energy to drive the mechanical operation. This kind of watch is relatively common, and the price is not particularly expensive. It just requires us to use batteries at ordinary times, and most of them are not waterproof. Of course, this kind of watch can still meet daily needs. .

3. Quartz watch. The movement of the pointer is controlled by the vibration of the quartz crystal. Not only can you see the time displayed by the pointer, but it is also generally equipped with an electronic display, which is very convenient and accurate.

4. Diving watch. This kind of watch is especially suitable for people who like to swim or dive. This kind of watch can still work normally in a water depth of more than 200 meters, and it is very considerate to coat the surface with fluorescent material to facilitate us to watch the time underwater.

5. Classic watches. Never out of date or out of place. You can try OMEGA's SEAMASTER, Rolex's SUBMARINER, IWC's PORTUGIESER and TAG HEUER's CARRERA.

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