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Tips for men buying watches

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A watch is bought to be worn, not something that can’t be touched carefully. A watch that is often worn must first be strong and durable, not too delicate, and it will break when touched. In addition to being of excellent quality, it will not be easily broken. In the end, it is still a classic watch. Because it is always with you, you will often see it. If it is too personal or fancy, you may get tired of it after a long time. The classic styles are generally time-tested and in line with public aesthetics. The price of this durable watch depends on your budget, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands. Wearing it, you can work at home, travel outdoors, or play with your children. It has to meet two requirements: one is that it should match your style, and the other is that you will not feel bad if it breaks.

size matters

When buying a watch, choosing the right size is important. Because of the popularity of large dials nowadays, women can wear men's watches, so some men blindly pursue large watch diameters. However, don't expect to wear a big watch to show your macho temperament, it will only make you look special. How to tell if a watch is big or small for your wrist? The lugs and case of a watch should never exceed the width of your wrist. No matter how big the watch is, its diameter should not exceed your wrist. Some friends will ask, can't you give an accurate number? When buying a watch, don't judge its size only by the number of the diameter of the watch, but by the actual hand effect. Some 44mm watches may look as large as 42mm on the hand because of the visual misunderstanding caused by the design of the watch. Buy a watch must get started. Of course, the watch diameter data is also a reference. Generally speaking, most men can wear watches from 38 mm to 42 mm. There are also some small-sized watches within 38 mm, which are favored by those with thin wrists and male consumers who prefer retro.

legibility is important

When buying a watch, especially the first watch or the watch you often wear, don't blindly pursue individuality, good looks, etc., choose those complicated watches that can't see the time clearly or not easily. When you buy a watch, you should be able to read the time clearly. If your watch can't even tell the time, it will no doubt be sleeping in your drawer soon. It is best that your watch hands are long enough and that the color of the hands contrasts with the color of the dial. This allows you to easily read the time at any angle in any lighting condition. Legibility is also important if you want a watch not to be thrown into the cold so quickly. In fact, strictly speaking, except for some niche watches, most watches are designed with legibility in mind. The simple big three needles and small three needles are undoubtedly the most clear and easy to read, but in fact, "readability" has different For consumers, it is very subjective. Some people think that the simple three needles are the most clear and easy to read, while others think that the chronograph and even the perpetual calendar are equally clear and easy to read, which varies from person to person. So just choose a watch that you think is "easy to read".

Buying a watch is not an investment

Except for those watch collectors, for ordinary people, buying a watch is not an investment. Good watches are really expensive, and you go through a lot of mental struggles before spending a fortune on one. But don't treat the watch as an economic investment and expect it to appreciate in value in the future. It's an investment in yourself. The more expensive the watch you buy, the more valuable it will be to you. However, the preservation of the value of the watch is something that can be considered, but it does not have to be regarded as a necessity. It is better if it can preserve its value.

To sum up: when a man buys a watch, he should at least buy a watch that is durable; choose the right size, which suits you as well as you like; the watch you wear every day should be clear and easy to read; you should wear different wristwatches on different occasions Watches, don't have only one watch, men should have at least three watches; buying a watch is not an investment, but a watch is an investment in yourself.

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